Señor Director:

Para remover sitio antisemita en el buscador de Google.

Aparece un sitio cuando se tipea "Jew" que se llama
y que es rabiosamente antisemita 
Son necesarios 50000 pedidos para que sea removido.
Entren al sitio para firmar la petición.
Jewish Google Removal Please take action:
When typing in the word "Jew" on a google one of the first search results
is a site called 
This website crosses the line between freedom of expression and hatred. 
Given the popularity of google as a search site, this is very alarming.
In order for google to remove this they would need a petition of over 50,000 requests. 
A polling site has been set up, please scroll down to the bottom to leave your 'signature'.
Click here to go to

Help us get to remove  from their search engine.


Sandra Pien