Lubelska Szkola Wyzsza w Rykach (LSW), Lublin Pedagogy School at Ryki, one of the most reputed universities dedicated to educational sciences in Poland, honoured on Sunday 28th March the Director of PERSONA, Professor Dr. Ricardo Rabinovich-Berkman, appointing him as Patron of the newly created Institute of Bioethics, and giving him a commemorative plaque exteriorizing the recognition of the Institution. 

 In a solemn session held at the Senate Hall of the University, Professor Dr. Tadeusz Graca, the Rector, greeted officially the guest, and pronounced a brief but emotive speech stating the reasons which had determined the LSW to create the Institute of Bioethics (the first of it's kind in Poland), and to appoint the Italian specialist Professor Dr. Ivan Iurlo as it's first Director, and Dr. Rabinovich-Berkman as it's first Patron.

After the applause of the Town Major, Deans, Directors and Professors gathered in the beautiful Hall, Professor Dr. Ivan Iurlo took the word in order to thank the Rector and the University, and state the guidelines the Institute was to follow. The Italian scholar explained he had been, years before, a Doctorate pupil, at the University of Lecce, of Dr. Rabinovich-Berkman, and thus he very happily supported the honour granted to his former teacher and presently friend. 

But what really caught the Argentinean guest by surprise was the declaration with which Professor Dr. Iurlo continued. For he said that, as the newly created Institute would bear the struggle for life and for human dignity as principal flag, and that values he found incarnated in Ricky Rabinovich Orlandi, Dr. Rabinovich-Berkman's son who died of cancer at 15 years of age, he had decided to propose the University to put Ricky's name to it.  

As our readers know, PERSONA was founded in 2001, while Ricky Rabinovich Orlandi was agonizing, and dedicated as a homage to his memory.

As a fortunate coincidence, the town where the University has it's headquarters is called Ryki. Even though the etymology of the word is completely different ("ryki", in Polish, contains a reference to local cattle richness, and has nothing to do with the name "Richard"), both are pronounced exactly in the same way.

            Professor Iurlo's proposal received an immediate favourable response by Rector Graca, who assented with his head, and was crowned by the unanimous applause of all the presents.

             Dr. Rabinovich-Berkman asked then for the word (Dr. Graca's speech was delivered in Polish, and translated to Italian, and both Dr. Iurlo and Dr. Rabinovich-Berkman spoke in Italian, with translation to the Polish language) in order to answer to the preceding speakers.

              Granted the word by the Rector, PERSONA's Director, obviously very moved by the honour conceded by the University and by the warm words of Dr. Graca and Dr. Iurlo, but mostly by the proposal of the Institute's name, improvised a very short speech.   

             The Argentinean professor said he could hardly find the words to thank all the distinctions received, but specially Dr. Iurlo's proposal, which, he declared, had taken him completely by surprise. He committed himself, as a consequence, to help in the measure of his possibilities on the academic installation and growth of the Institute, compromising his effort and presence in whatever collaboration the Director, whose election he fervently praised, could need from him.   

            Equally, as a Law School Professor of the University of Buenos Aires, and Director of the Intensive Courses for the Doctorate therewith, he externalized his will to work in order to establish, in the short term, an academic agreement between both Institutions.

            Rector Tadeusz Graca answered thanking Dr. Rabinovich-Berkman's speech, and expressing the interest of LSW in the signature of a cooperation convention with the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires.

             The ceremony ended with the presentation of the commemorative plaque by Rector Graca, and a honour toast, accompanied by the exquisite sernik cake. Afterwards, in a nearby glamorous belle-époque restaurant, a formal lunch was served.